City Tours

The city tour is also called half a day and in this trip you can visit the old capital of the Gambia called Banjul which was founded in 1816.
There is lots of things you can find amazing and those include the old buildings, the arch 22 with its nice over view, national museum the famous Albert market .
You can also visit the famous crocodile pool which is located in a town called bakau and there is the only place in the Gambia where you can touch a life crocodile.
The last stop on the trip will be another amazing beautiful market called serekunda market and this market is an every day market and has lots of people in it with the usual trade and it is the most important point to see the real beautiful colours of the African dresses of ladies in the Gambia.

Price: 2 persons, D 1800 (all included except food)
More than 2 persons is negotiable