Crocodile Pool

The crocodile pool in the Gambia is located in a town called bakau which is well known as another tourist resort in the Gambia.
The town is old and have a very nice mixture of the gambias most beautiful different ethnic groups. This town is almost dominated by the mandinka tribe but also posses a good quality tourist attraction places like nice hotels,
nice fishing harbour with beautiful wooden fishing boat and the famous crocodile pool which is a holly place or spiritual place with more than 80 big crocodile and small one are many. This place is used for prayers by ladies who cannot afford to have babies and for other problems and is the only place in the Gambia you cannot afford to miss because is the only place you can stroke a life crocodile. Hey see you there soon.

Price: 2 persons, D 1200 (all included except food)
More than 2 persons is negotiable