Fathalapark Senegal

Experience a visit to Fathala Game Reserve, where you will be riding among herds of antelopes crowned by the Western Giant eland - the rarest one. You will drive up to giraffes rhinos and buffaloes and spot monkey families on giant African mahogany trees.

Fathala Game Reserve is an area that encloses 2000 hectares of the original and protected Fathala forest. You have the opportunity to visit the original stretch of the African wilderness.

In the reserve you can enjoy the natural environment of bush in its original condition.

Inside our educational center you will learn also about the communities of Senegal and Sine Saloum. You can discover their culture, lifestyle and history of the region.

Fathala Game Reserve is located just north of the Gambian/Senegalese border right off the main highway heading north.


The Fathala reserve is the only place in the whole world where you can meet majestic Western Giant Eland.

Come and see how the Fathala Game Reserve made a success of saving the rarest and the most beautiful of all antelopes from extinction: The Western Giant Eland - "Lord Derby Eland” These magnificent animals can be viewed exclusively in Fathala.