Roots Kunta Kinteh

For people in the world have seen the film ROOTS about the slave trade in Africa, but the original background of the film is where interest most people and you can visit the village where called juffereh and visit the family and you visit the museum in the village and a nice boat trip to the island where the slave where kept from the beginning of the slave trade in 1456.
The island is called James island and the most beautiful thing about this trip is to listing to the sad history of the travel era and how the trading of humans for good have been happen it is nice to see it.
This trip is done by boat or by land but the option is the choice of the client and to recommend land is the best way where you can see many local villages before you reach to the village of kunta kinteh.

Price: 2 persons, D 3500 (all included except food)
More than 2 persons is negotiable